The Smart Standard in Customer Service

Smart Auto Trax was designed and developed after realizing that the current method of obtaining information as a customer arrives at an automotive dealership service center was not up to date with technology readily available. By consulting with professionals in the automotive sales industry and obtaining a precise understanding of how the current protocol inside a dealership works, Smart Auto Trax was able to drastically improve upon the process by incorporating RFID technology and created a universal program that can be used with any dealership management software provider.

The Benefits of Smart Auto Trax

  • Allow service writers to instantly greet customers by name as soon as they pull in to the service bay
  • Provides customer vehicle make, model and color instantly
  • Provides service writer with customers VIN number to be "cut" and "pasted" in to the dealers DMS so all vehicle information can be obtained instantly
  • Instantly contacts sales person of customers arrival through text message or email
  • Instantly contacts financial manager through text message or email with customers mileage to provide an opportunity for a warranty sale

“Customers love to be greeted by name and pulling up their electronic file is only two clicks away!” Scott Campbell, My Auto Import Center