How Smart Auto Trax Works

Each vehicle must be outfitted with a wireless tag inside the driver side mirror; the number on the tag will be associated to the vehicle in the DMS upon check in of the new vehicle. Once a customer is associated to the vehicle, the tag will automatically inform the service writer of the customers arrival by the customers name, vehicle make, model and color when they drive past the antennas in the service entry bay door. Once the mileage of the vehicle is obtained by the service writer and inputted in to the program, the customers name is copied and them pasted in to the DMS. Once that is entered all of the vehicle’s information can be accessed inside the DMS and a text message can be sent to the assigned sales associate and finance manager.

The Benefits of Smart Auto Trax

  • Allow service writers to instantly greet customers by name as soon as they pull in to the service bay
  • Provides customer vehicle make, model and color instantly
  • Provides service writer with customers VIN number to be "cut" and "pasted" in to the dealers DMS so all vehicle information can be obtained instantly
  • Instantly contacts sales person of customers arrival through text message or email
  • Instantly contacts financial manager through text message or email with customers mileage to provide an opportunity for a warranty sale

“Customers love to be greeted by name and pulling up their electronic file is only two clicks away!” Scott Campbell, My Auto Import Center